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Book Talk: Juniper Berry by M.P. Kozlowsky June 28, 2012

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 Hi! My name is Michael and I read Juniper Berry by M.P. Kozlowsky. Have you ever heard of Creepy Hollow? Imagine…if your parents were nice and kind, but then one day…they change..and turn mean and start to NEGLECT you! That’s what happens to Juniper Berry.  The tree on the cover of the book is in Creepy Hallow. That’s what caused Juniper’s parents to change. They live in Creepy Hollow. Where the tree is.

Strangely enough Juniper finds a boy names Giles in the woods LOOKING for this hollow tree.  The same thing happened to this boy’s parents and he thinks the tree has something to do with it! When they find the secret entrance to the tree,  it’s up to Juniper and Giles to uncover the secret of their parents “success”..that is if they can resist the sweet temptations they encounter in their quest. Will they be able to break the curse of Creepy Hollow…and get their parents back? Read Juniper Berry to find out!

I love this book because it’s spooky and BONE SHAKING! I couldn’t put it down! A weird side note: I found it interesting that Juniper named her dog Kitty. Weird! I would recommend this book to all kids who like teeth-chattering books!

Michael 5th Grade

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Book Talk: A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler June 24, 2012

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In A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler, Jenni and Autumn are like two peas in a pod.  They find themselves on vacation in a wonderful hotel.  Jenni thinks things just can’t go wrong…until she steps into an old elevator.  When she comes out nothing seems the same.  She goes to Autumn’s condo and is greeted by an old lady who has never heard of Autumn.  When Jenni finally finds her, she is a “new and weird” Autumn.  It also seems that Mikey, Autumn’s little brother, has had something horrible happen to him and Autumn blames Jenni.  Jenni doesn’t remember anything and feels confused.  She finally realizes that she traveled through time but when she tries to fix things by going back in the old elevator, things just get worse.  Will Jenni ever get back into her own time and will she be able to stop the horrible thing that happens to Mikey?

 I really liked this book because it was exciting and kind of mysterious.  It was also a little sad and I like sad books sometimes.  If you like sad books and books about friendship,  read this book. I would also recommend it to any kid who likes to have their heart pound a mile a minute!  -Maggie, grade 5


Fortune’s Folly March 17, 2011

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Fortune’s Folly by Deva Fagan  is a fairy tale about a girl who doesn’t believe in magic but has to tell fortunes in order to keep her and her father alive. When she has to tell the prince a fortune, she tells a fantastical one that she’s not sure is going to come true. And what happens if she falls in love with the prince in the meantime?

I thought it was pretty good but it was another book that wrapped up too quickly and neatly at the end for me.



When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead January 22, 2011

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Miranda is helping her mom prepare for her appearance on the $20,000 Pyramid game show. When mysterious things start happening, notes start appearing, and her best friend distances himself from her, she starts to wonder if her life will ever be normal again. Who is sending her these notes? It’s set in the 1970s in New York City.

I really liked that the plot was confusing, but everything comes together at the end. It takes a very clever author to be so organized and keep everything in their head as they create the story.

It took awhile to get totally engaged in the mystery of it, but after the first couple of chapters, I was totally hooked. This one is in the top three books on my list for this year’s MSBA winner.

My favorite elements were: Characters, Plot, Conflict, Resolution, Engaging Voice, Original Ideas and the Connection to a Wrinkle In Time

I’d recommend this for grades 5-8.

Overall: I loved it!

– Corinne, grade 6


Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise December 10, 2010

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I really liked this book. It was shorter than I expected and definitely different. The best category that describes this book is fantasy because of Olive, the ghost. I would recommend it for readers in 4th grade. On a scale of 1-6 (6 being the best), I’d give it a 4.

– Lauren, grade 6


Slathbog’s Gold by Michael Forman December 7, 2010

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Not a bad first novel attempt. Did find it a bit drawnout, openly reminded me too much of Tolkien, hoping for more with book 2 of this forthcoming series.
I did respect the fact that a couple of posed questions are answered at the end of this 1st book, and that I did not have to wait for series to conclude. However for true dragon fans, it’s a disappointment. Poor thing only lasts about 4 pages!

Overall: Eh. It was so-so.

Favorite elements: Characters, Resolution

– Kathie, McArthur Children’s Staff