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Fun with Animoto May 17, 2012

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We had 8 MSBA Book Club members join us at McArthur Public Library last night to learn how to create book trailers using Animoto! The workshop started with a yummy dinner of pizza and pier fries, then we got down to business!  Mrs Dee walked us through how a book trailer is created.  From choosing pictures, to what music to use, and choosing just the right words a lot of thought has to go into putting together a book trailer so that each piece helps “sell” the book to other readers.  Deanna helped us understand the concepts of copyright and Fair Use rules to use images, music, and texts in appropriate ways. 

Then the fun really began! Each MSBAer got their own Animoto account and started creating a book trailer for a book they’ve already read from the 2012-2013 MSBA Nominee List.  After brainstorming some picture ideas on paper everybody just started searching and playing with the tools on the site.  There were so many creative ideas buzzin’ around the room it was difficult to keep up! We didn’t quite get them finished so students will continue working on them at home and school. We hope to have some completed ones to share at our last MSBA Book Club meeting of this school year next Wednesday, May 23rd! 

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