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It’s Almost Time! February 27, 2012

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Hey MSBAers!

We are coming down to the wire for reading books on the 2011-2012 MSBA List! We’ve seen lots of great books in your hands over the past couple of months. The MSBA Bookshelves at BIS and McArthur Public Library have been getting lots of love for sure! We will be voting at BIS  March 21st through 27th during Library class so you still have time to read! If you don’t go to BIS you can stop in the Children’s Room or Teen Section at McArthur Public Library to vote too! Deanna and Brooke would be happy to help you out!  Remember you only need to have read three titles off the list to be eligible to vote.

Now you know we are wondering…what’s been YOUR favorite MSBA book this year? Leave a comment telling us the title and why you liked it!


8 Responses to “It’s Almost Time!”

  1. C.J. Thorne Says:

    My favorite was Out of my mind because Mrs.Dee always leaves us hanging between chapters. and the book always kept me wanting me to read it!!

  2. After Ever After because it tells about a boy that has cancer and tells what he felt like when he had cancer.

  3. cameron twomey Says:

    I love the Strange Case of Origami> it was very funny i loved it so much I read it twice.

  4. mariah raymond Says:

    My favorite book on MSBA is the Red Pyramid

    I like that book because, In the story the kids have to save their father,and fight Set to save their father.

    My other favorite book on the MSBA is the candy bomber

    i like that book because There’s this guy who gives candy to kids who have not had nothing to eat in awhile.

  5. Out of my mind i like that book because… It tells you about her disorder and how its not easy.

  6. Thomas Picard Says:

    My favorite book was ( The Candy Bomber ) because this man saw these hunger children then he got an idea too drop candy to those kids.

  7. Kaleb Howard Says:

    My favorite book was A Tale Dark & Grim, the title sounded interesting. After I read the first chapter I was amazed so I started to read on there was only one boring part but my favorite chapter was when Hansel & Gretel fought the dragon.

  8. Gage Stryker Says:

    My favorite one is a Tale of Dark & Grim
    its because its full of action and in the first chapter it started to get interesting and the details were awesome!

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