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Operation Redwood March 17, 2011

Filed under: Realistic Fiction — msbabookbuzz @ 6:10 pm

Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French tells the story of a kid, Julian Carter-Li, who has been sent to live with his Uncle Sibley for the summer while his mother is in China. Sibley and his wife are NOT happy to have him and have a ridiculous behavior point system that is pretty much designed for Julian to fail. When Julian gets sent home sick from school and is left for hours in his uncle’s office, he discovers an email from a girl named Robin, who claims his uncle is going to clear-cut some old-growth redwood forest. Julian and his friend Danny become pen-pals with Robin and from there, come up with a plan to try to save the forest from his Uncle Sibley. Will they succeed when adults don’t seem to care about the forest as much as they do?

This book goes along pretty well until the end, where it all gets tied up rather neatly and a bit too unbelievably for my tastes. Other than that, it’s a good story about the impact a small group of people, even kids, can have upon the world.



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