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Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper January 20, 2011

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Melody is the smartest girl in her school, but no one knows it. She can’t talk or walk or write. She is stuck in her wheel chair, and her photographic memory allows her to recall everything from her 11 years of life.

I loved it for the amazing character details about life, hope, disappointment, and growth and the second-person narrative is engaging and rare. However, the ending came a bit too quickly without a fully believable resolution. My favorite elements were: Characters, Plot, Conflict, Engaging Voice and Original Ideas. I’d suggest it for readers in 4th – 8th grade.

Since this is a book with a 2010 publishing date, would you like to nominate it for next year’s MSBA list? Yes!

– Ms. Mullins


One Response to “Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper”

  1. Mrs. Dee Says:

    Our class is thrilled that this book is on the 2011-2012 MSBA List. We read this book in January with a 5th grade class in Dublin, Ohio. We were all rooting for Melody. She really opened our eyes to what it must be like to live with a disability.

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