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“Buzzin'” about Books: What do I say? November 17, 2010

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So you’ve read this really amazing book on the MSBA Book List and you want to talk to someone about it!  Great!  But then you stop and think “Wait a second?  What am I supposed to say besides “It’s a great book!” or “I liked it!” ?”  Don’t worry…that’s  happened to all of us…no matter how much we loved the book.  And what you say will depend on whether you will be talking to someone who has never read the book or someone who has read the book. 

The MSBA Book Club  started meeting this week at BIS and BMS.  With that in mind, here are a few tips for of things you might include when you buzz about books you have read from the list this year.  First, remember that not everyone will have necessarily read the book you buzz about so don’t give away all the surprises or  the ending

Style:  the overall pacing and presentation of the book

  • Are the characters and the story introduced quickly or slowly?
  • Does the story pull you in immediately or did it take a while for you to get interested?
  • Is there more  talking or more description?

Words you might use to tell us about the style include: a page turner, fast paces, exciting, quiet, slow moving, emotional


Setting:  the time, place, physical details, and circumstances in which the story happens

  • Is the setting  described in detail or is it very minimal?
  • Does the setting affect the characters and/or the plot?

Words you might use to tell us about the setting include:  detailed, vivid, memorable, integral to the story (the story wouldn’t be the same if the setting was different)


Plot:  the the way the author unfolds all the events, shows the importance of how the characters interact, and concludes the story

  •  Is the plot more focused on the characters or the events?
  • What is the main conflict in the story?
  • Is there too much or too little conflict in the story?

Words you might use to tell us about the plot include:  suspenseful, funny, far-fetched, eventful, zany


Characterization:  how the author presents and develops the people, animals and/or creatures in a story

  • Is the main focus on a single character or several?
  • Whose point of view?
  • Are there memorable and important secondary characters?

Words you might use to tell us the character(s) are well-developed include: detailed, dynamic, believeable, well-rounded, balanced

Words you might use to tell us the character(s) are not well-developed include:  flat, unrealistic, unorginial, poorly developed

 It’s always good to use examples from the book to help explain your thinking and ideas.  Other things you might want to buzz about could include:

  • What did you like (or not like) about the book? 
  • Did the book remind you of other books you have read?
  • Was there a character that reminded you of yourself or someone you know?
  • Were you left with any ‘wonderings’? 

Now it’s time to get reading!  Find a book on the list that really interests you…read it…and then join us for the next MSBA Book Club meeting and buzz about what you’ve been reading.  Who knows…you may even find some new titles by hearing what other kids are ‘buzzin’ about!