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Hello Readers! August 3, 2010

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Welcome to the official launch of our MSBA Book Buzz blog!  We are so excited to have a place where we can buzz about books with all of you!  You may already be familiar with the Maine Student Book Award program.  If not, no problem…let us fill you in on what the buzz is all about.

Every year since 1989, students all over the great State of Maine have been reading amazing books from a pre-determined list of books and voting on the one they think is the ABSOLUTE best!  Once all the votes are tallied, one book is awarded the Maine Student Book Award!  The cool thing about this is your opinions are  heard…and who doesn’t like that???  All you have to do to participate is read at least 3 books from the list…that’s it!  No book report, no essay, no diorama!  Just read and vote!  And did we mention you get to choose which books on the list you read? Yep…that’s right!  We promise never to say you HAVE to read certain books!  We know…amazing right???

So over the next eight months we will be reading the books on the 2010-2011 MSBA list and buzzin’ about them here… in our forum…the MSBA Book Buzz!  We want you to join us.  Buzz about your thoughts on what you are reading!  What did you like?  What didn’t you like?  Yep…we know you won’t like everything you read…that’s okay!  We won’t be offended.  You may be surprised to hear that we don’t love every book we read too!  Are you curious about what books are on the list? Be sure to check out the MSBA Book List page in the top right corner.   There you will find a list of all the books with a brief buzz about the book.  Maybe you have already read some of the titles?  If so, tell us what you have already read!  Let’s get the buzzin’ started….


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